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GLOBEX 10-21-08

Just got short from 943.75. looking for 933-936
im getting long again on any dip below 928.00
i am long from 927.5

just moved my stop to 928.5

i think i should lower the stop...
EXCELLANT ENTRY ,AKOLA! Hoping i get a chance still.
should see 934-5 at a minimum
Originally posted by koolblue

EXCELLANT ENTRY ,AKOLA! Hoping i get a chance still.

but i dont want that

TOLD YA! 934.00
yes but i didnt took my profit

man my sell order was 934.5

now upping my stop order..
got taken out @ 932.25
Still a very good scalp, friend!
there she goes up up and away
Originally posted by CharterJoe

If we open here were going to gap below this weeks range (IB also) Watch out for the IB breakout today below last weeks VAL.

Beautiful set-up that I wanted to share with ya'll that happens often..... Mon and Tues a.k.a. weekly IB was nice and tight, we got a gap below the weekly IB and then B penetrates last weeks VAL todays IB breakout worked very well because it already broke critical support 30 points followed.
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