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GLOBEX 10-21-08

Just got short from 943.75. looking for 933-936
selling one
c'mon..shake em out and rally it....where is the RTH open..I need the real open..damn add point is 19.75 if it trades there
that was third and hopefully final thrust least until 33 prints
using a 4point stop to start
Thats amazing ,Bruce! thats actually my price proj!
little pullback and we should break the wedge to the upside

well, they got me! loss of 3, down 2.0 today , i want to sell again but its to close to the open for me.... watching
pullback to 27.5 area and it will worm W V pattern
flat at 929.....good campaign but too close to the open...
I'll look to buy into a first push down off th eopen as long at 36 and 40 haven't traded yet
Originally posted by CharterJoe

If we open here were going to gap below this weeks range (IB also) Watch out for the IB breakout today below last weeks VAL.

Beautiful set-up that I wanted to share with ya'll that happens often..... Mon and Tues a.k.a. weekly IB was nice and tight, we got a gap below the weekly IB and then B penetrates last weeks VAL todays IB breakout worked very well because it already broke critical support 30 points followed.