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ES 10-23-08

Man missed that great short at +8, had an important call.
that could be it ...899 was the initial proj. and the 'time' is right
Originally posted by koolblue

May take an hour or so but methinks we'll see that 896 magnet at least once more!

long [email protected] here
long from 895.25 for the usual quick scalp
next mini low due 12:33 or so..887?
stopped my self at 983.75 for a 3 handle loss total ..just in case, ill see what develops over the next 5 or 10 min. UP 17.5 on the day
Out of Short from 906.25 here ..
Second day in a row that my full target has been hit on that strategy .. A 50% Trailing stop kept me in that move.
dam, missed my 897 area, see , this is where posting hurts my trading!
still more on the downside ...
that was a cool ending......
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

bingo on the 894 Bruce