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ES 10-23-08

Man missed that great short at +8, had an important call.
Going to double the first week of Nov too, and stay there until Jan...I am not bragging just saying it so maybe it will be easier....Setting a date like starting a workout.
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is my screen right ? Nas is neg. while dow and s&p are positive?

yes your right with the quotes

AMZN, GOOG and RIMM all hurting NAZ
Both 5MIN ES & YM Volume and OI declining as price is choppy - maybe sign of rollover coming... if we can get some downside mom
$TICKS has a plateau @ +800 indicating a short term top When it breaks it and marks new high....
Never mind it already topped with no new $TICK highs....
Well, i missed the short at 906.50 by 3 ticks...sigh...
SELLING ES 898.75 if hit
hmmm ... missed by a tick
decent low comes in at 10:37-40. i may buy it if the tech. allow.
$TICKS at +800 again
that was a cool ending......
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bingo on the 894 Bruce