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ES 10-23-08

Man missed that great short at +8, had an important call.
I will wait to see which way it breaks ... then follow along and pick up some crumbs.
I figure I am not in the prediction business .. I am in the following business. Nice recovery!
Alright I will Short a little here.
exit 1/2 + 20 YM ticks.
I'd like to see a retest of the lows at around 8414 ish ... but my stop is at 8480 so we will see ...
The last closing ticks rule on the 20th gave us 100 handles down. Remeber i said the last month or 2 its been 70-120. No guarentees of course!
Out of balance at +50.
hmmm ... i have to go do a conference call in an hour ... so I need to get ready and will join you guys after if that's alright.
Bingo on the 880
short one fro 880.50, just going to ride it for a bit.
that was a cool ending......
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

bingo on the 894 Bruce

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