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ES 10-29-08

Hey gang. Had a lousy globex, but the day aint over yet! Take note of the fact that closing ticks yesterday wrer plus 786! Not over the magic 800, of course, but close enough to make me feel better of my long expected low today or tomorrow, before the run up into and maybe just beyond the election. Time will tell!
Ticks getting stronger ...
long 2 at 936.50, riding to the 942.00 level or just below.
fwiw, crude just spiked
covering 940.25
I still think this thing tanks hard but looks like we have to go to 941-43 first.
wow after i saw ur post covered @ 935.00

selling one @ 940
ill cover by 11:37 or so
covered 937.50, plus 2 total ..up 10 on the day ..wanting to sell 41-43 bad
dam, i'll chase if i have to.. but ill give it a little more time, till noon if i have to.
just sold one at 940.50, will sell another at 943 or so
went thru 961 like butter....970-976??
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