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ES 10-29-08

Hey gang. Had a lousy globex, but the day aint over yet! Take note of the fact that closing ticks yesterday wrer plus 786! Not over the magic 800, of course, but close enough to make me feel better of my long expected low today or tomorrow, before the run up into and maybe just beyond the election. Time will tell!
Kool - what feed are you using for $tick ? And what time do you take the close value? At 4PM?
ES LONG 939.50
h & S pattern on 1 min chart ES

reason behind ur long bakrob ?

ABC pattern with Close above the Low bar
Also - a box play on the consolidation ...
gain to breakout one way or the other ...
taking too long at this point getting near market open... i will exit here at be
SIGH... WANT A REAL HOOT? Check out the last 2 posts on the globex thread! I nailed the low and they wouldnt fill me! Get my closing tick data from online. under us stocks heading , closing indexes and diaries, market diary. once at the 'home ' page click on markets, then markets data then the rest of the above instructions
selling 935-6 area
Now thats more like it.. short from low around 10:20, using a 4 point stop
went thru 961 like butter....970-976??