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ES 10-29-08

Hey gang. Had a lousy globex, but the day aint over yet! Take note of the fact that closing ticks yesterday wrer plus 786! Not over the magic 800, of course, but close enough to make me feel better of my long expected low today or tomorrow, before the run up into and maybe just beyond the election. Time will tell!
cycle bottoms 12:10to 12:20
Originally posted by koolblue

first objective 929.50, then 927 then 916-18, then ultimately 907

-50% IB extension = 916.75 and -100% IB extension = 907.0. Sq 9 @ 916. singles 912.25-926.25.
i think this hit 937 - 938

and that will be good till 914
934.50to 935.75 should contain all rebounds now ...or im very wrong! HAS TO GO UP A LITTLE HERE CAUSE THE 5 MIN CHART WAS JUST TOO OVERSOLD TO CONTINUE A DECLINE.
once it breaks 927 i am going short
mAN, I LAID IT ALL OUT GANG... YOU HAD 2 CHANCES TO GRT SHORT AT 935! dont think itll do much better now
damm i busy roaming around my work

oh oh, stopped at 937(good call akola) shorting again soon
short 1 @ 936 stop @ 945

low volume and not much open interest ... market waiting for fomc announcement ...
went thru 961 like butter....970-976??