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Globex 11-06-08

well only time for one attempt before i get ready for work. im puttin in a buy order to buy one at 944.50, 2 point stop
dam, hit as i was posting! Now i hope it turns!
exiting at 946.25
no fill on that first touch... i belive we may see 951-53 tonite but i cant stay that long!
plus 1.75 on that little gimme ,of course , gotta go but see ya in the am!
Morning all! look at last nites high! 953.00... bingo!
just at a glance i can tell you, theres going to be anice peak around 7:25-7:30 time frame!
selling one here
Short one from 945.00, tight 2 point stop...looking to cover near 942
out at 943.50, gotta do some thing back in 15 or so! 1.5 there, up 3.25 on the day
WOW!...Bank of England cut by 1.5%
I GIVE UP.. YHE boyz MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED! MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED!ill watch the open ...see ya on the ES thread!