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Globex 11-06-08

well only time for one attempt before i get ready for work. im puttin in a buy order to buy one at 944.50, 2 point stop
oh ok that's why we got that spike up
back and looking to sell here!
current 5m proj is to 962
short one from 950.50
ugh.. stopped at 953.00 watching(up .75)
pity you stopped out blue- would have been a nice grab
nice low developing at 8:20 give or take
see that Kool from the 5m
Hopefully around 931-2 area
YEAH, YA GOTTA SELL THIS PUPPY , EVEN WITH THE EXTREMLY OVER SOLD CONDITION... Reason is the much lower projections ...the 15 minis making a strong case for 922 or even 908!
I GIVE UP.. YHE boyz MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED! MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED!ill watch the open ...see ya on the ES thread!
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