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Globex 11-06-08

well only time for one attempt before i get ready for work. im puttin in a buy order to buy one at 944.50, 2 point stop
ill exit just below the mov avg resistance at 944 if they let me!
gotta get out by 8:27 tho!
out at 941.50,plus 1.5 there..watching
Originally posted by palmer

which low??

refer to my post at 8:00.34 today
i dont have a solid proj but im selling 944.50
the 5 min exp. avg is at 944.25 and the 5 min boll is too! also the30 min boll is 945.00...lots of temp. resistance there
SIGH.. SAW THAT COMING .. CYCLE HIGH DUE 8:54-57... stopped at 947.50..loss of 3 there down .75 now
looks like the 5m cycle low was good @ 7:20...good call Kool
my max upside proj (the first move up from 935.50 ,1 min chart , to 943.50 )is 956.50 so ill buy soon . Not unusual they'd try to run it up into the open
I GIVE UP.. YHE boyz MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED! MUST HAVE MY COMPUTER TAPPED!ill watch the open ...see ya on the ES thread!
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