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Globex 11-12-08

Hey gang, cant trade today cause i have a 2 day conference at work and will tied up all day. Did however short one last night at 906.25 and held overnite with a 4 point stop, exited this morning at 898.75 for a nice gain. just went short one again at 902.50 and covered at 900.00. So a pretty good session for me. hope everyone has a great trading day.. See ya on tonites globex!
currently ,you have 5 and 15 min proj to 883.75 unless 902.75 is touched again. still have much lower proj from the hourly and daily charts.
still looking for the 45 day low on friday!
thanks kool
No problem,friend! In the event of a push higher this morning (which i kind of doubt) an ideal shorting area would be as close to 911 as you can get. C ya soon!
The highest proj. I have for "today" 964.75 lowest 838.50 /2= 901.75. So this is the mid. point of these proj. also so9 901/ 24hr.pp 901.00 / RTH VAH 901.50 / 24HR. VAH 901.00. Market made its turn in this area @ 7am est. FWIW
GM boys and girls...84.25 was 100% extension of that beauty of a ABC move off the highs...FWIW 79.25 is 2nd target while 72.75 is 3rd target...entry was 98.50
I also have a 15m to 72.75 so maybe thats where were headed
may get a bounce @ 74.75
yeah red I see S1 there
I know this is a “wide ranging” question, but could you guy’s maybe explain you method of projections or send me to a thread that could help follow your post?

Thx for your help!
as Kool would say " the BOYZ hit it early " LOL...we should continue down IMHO
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