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ES 11-17-08

well, here we go! down 3 ... lousy way to start the day..
ill still try buying 860.25 if it can break soon... (859.50sure looks like the number tho!)
just got back from getting some lunch. I should have posted earlier 864.5 as 50% retrace and 860.5 as .38 level. we had intraday singles 866.25-867 that they took out. remaining intraday singles are 847-849.25 and 878-881.75. crude at LOD
thanks,Prest...i wish cycles could help here but there all so 'misshapen' that i dont trust them(i like nice bowl shapes) ill sell a 50% retracement to 871.50, however. and buy my 860.25
short one at 871.50...
ill cover at 868.25 if they allow....
filled and up an even 35 now...watching for my number...
great trading Kool!
im freakin burnt,bro! havent even been to bed yet from work last nite! But i took the next 3 days off cause thats how important i think theyll be. I am having an amazing day, but i think i was due ! last 2-3 weeks i havnt been trading very well for some reason. Any way got to stay up to see if i can get a few more off of that 860 area!(or if it even happens)
next good low could be around 2:16 or more likely 2:28-30
nice lookin inverted h/s on 610t measures to 82.25...while this abc hit 1st at 73.50, 2nd 76.25
nice selling volume
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