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ES 11-17-08

well, here we go! down 3 ... lousy way to start the day..
lol this is soooo typical..
minor support at the 59 number now...breaking that will target new daily lows..IF it can hold here then they will try to run it to test that 77 - 79 area...I'm currently flat and waiting...inside the first hour range usually sucks for me to initiate
big volume on this latest push up...if they can keep it up they will run to the highs.....otherwise a rollover here is trouble for longside.....
i think you might be right ,Bruce... cancelling my order and getting some sleep... i still hold the opinion of a downward trend to the close ,but we shall see... GOOD trading all!
good job kool
Kool, thanks again.
dont worry ill be fresh tomorrow.. ps unless they break that 864 area hard its all over for the bulls(at least into tomorrow!
shorted 68.25 on that volume failure..ideally want that 59 number first
got a 1m at 56.25
I guess your supposed to sell 74 & buy 62 today...geez
nice selling volume