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ES 11-17-08

well, here we go! down 3 ... lousy way to start the day..
1st target 66.50...but i dont know...doesn't act like it wants to go
66.50 happens to be a 5m proj as well
moving stop to BE
Thanks Vo, I find it so hard to post when I am trading. My level of stress is too high. I probably need to try Mozart like Kool.
even though that set up just never acted like it was interested in doing the way I have some charts in the strategies/tech section you might find of value
I took a quick peak at them earlier but am going to go back an dtry and print them out. Thanks for doing that.
i always wash it out with a little Van Halen "Eruption" just to stay on an even keel tho, Margie! byb the way didnt u see that 1 min cycle from 10:22 to 11:01 calling for a minipeak about 11:40? Then u could have let the little decline happen and still made that trade!
I'm trying to get to that 74 number...they still need to run out the first hour ...range...chart will follow..
GREAT CALL VO, there your 866!
i get ultimate objective of 871.75-872.00
nice selling volume
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