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ES 11-21-08

Pretty sobering isn't it?

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The auto ceo's flew their private jets to beg for money,
thought I'd drive the BMW to get food stamps.....

Good morning, good luck today :)
we're filling singles now from yesterday 754-770
had to uninstall/reinstall 1 of my platforms this morning so Im way behind!

15m 741.50, 735, 674.25
5m 739.50
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

we're filling singles now from yesterday 754-770

Slight overshoot to 53.5.
bye guys- made my 10 points already- have a great weekend
crude LOD
well done palmer
thanks guys
perhaps we can have a low retest failure for a change
My best trading day in a long time. 52 handles. I road the climb up to the close, from 787.75 70 799.00. Nice way to start the weekend. Thanks to all who participate in this forum, and take the time to help others.