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ES 11-21-08

Pretty sobering isn't it?

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big $ has been quietly accumulating for the last 25 minutes
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

big $ has been quietly accumulating for the last 25 minutes

Unfortunately, past performance isn't always predictive of future results but it looks like it was here, at least for a while. LOL
couldnt hold lows...have a 15m 35 & 5m 39.50
weekly pivot @ 34.50
Does anyone know if Kool is trading today?
have not heard from him yet
he might be taking big nap after 30 pts from yesterday...

late night party effect i guess


i think its in the process of forming nice W which will take out 785 and might go to 800

but not 100 % sure as they were wrong many times in this bear market.

I can see that akola on my 10946V chart, but it bothers me that they took the low and they stopped this last upswing right at the downtrend line...we will see
we have to fail a low before we have any "meaningful" bounce IMHO
My best trading day in a long time. 52 handles. I road the climb up to the close, from 787.75 70 799.00. Nice way to start the weekend. Thanks to all who participate in this forum, and take the time to help others.
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