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ES 11-26-08

GM traders here are some sarting numbers

Daily: 1092 / 736.25
15m: 900.75, 884 / 825, 814.25, 811.50
5m: 857 / 827.25, 826.75, 822.50

Daily PP: 853.50
S1: 833
we get over down trend line im home free
anybody notice my call for a peak at 1:29... dead nuts!
here comes 868.50, and that puts us bove all the avgs around 865-7... good for the bulls!
push you pig!
Ithink u got a good chance, VO...dam , almost bought that 864.25 but too busy posting
if we continue to close (15min.) above 66.50 we have a chance to move
Long from 65.50
stop to be
well ,theres 868.50 now how far down.. so far doesnt look like much below 66
have one for me, friend! c ya!