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How to keep the last page refreshed

I received this question today which will interest a number of you.
I follow the ES thread that goes on during the regular trading hours. Can I get it to automatically go to the recent post. If I display a page and refresh it the page doesn't move to the next one.

I've been trying to find an easy/good solution but no luck so far. I know that if you set the whichpage parameter on the url to -1 it will jump to the last post on the last page of topics but the -1 value doesn't stay on the url so refreshing the page after that won't help.

The best idea that I've come up with so far is a bit cumbersome and requires some setup at the beginning and then a small amount of editing each day.

Initial setup:
- Today's ES topic (last page) was located at this URL:
- If you book mark this page you will be able to go straight to page 33 by clicking the bookmark.
If you put the BookMark on the Bookmark's toolbar (in FireFox) then you will be able to get to it with a single click. If you're using IE then you would add a favorite to the Links menu.
Once bookmarked, edit the bookmark (you usually do this by right clicking the bookmark and selecting properties) and change the 33 to a -1

Daily Maintenance
-Each day you'll need to edit the bookmark and change the TOPIC_ID value (3563 here) to the new topic id.
- You can get the topic id for today's ES topic by visiting the topic and looking for the number after TOPIC_ID in the URL.

Let me know if anybody else has any other solutions...
Both Paltalk & EChat from Ensign, are free & will allow you to set up your own room with your own rules.
Same thing at the yahoo rooms, crazy why no one wants to use them!
I am new here and also find it that it would be nice to visit a chatroom instead of the forum. Has any of you guys considered mIRC? It is a very nice program. I guess there is nothing wrong with trying?

Typing and trading is difficult. Have you all tried Voice Conference Rooms. I run a VoIP integration company. I can hook up a server with say 20 incoming numbers. All you guys need is to dial in. You need a PC software like Counterpath Xlite, a microphone and headset.

I can load my server with US based numbers. I need to find the cheapest.
I thank all of you for your input as I was the one that sent this query to Daytrading. I strongly beleive that we should upgrade to a chat room in the new year. People who wish to call trades as they take them can use a kind of short form/legend like S=Short or L=Long C=Cancel call and F=Flat in order to keep typing to the mnimum. Charts can still be posted on this thread so that they can be reviewed at ones own pace.
I don't know what utility he uses but the Drudge Report refreshes all by itself every 15 seconds.
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