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Globex 12-9-08

Look what we get to start off with boys! This is a Bullish Gartley...targets are in chart...stop is below "D" once it triggers with higher high or wide range bar

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oh yeah, but i usually have enough time for or two quickies before hand
you made some good calls today, friend!
I did not get nearly as much out of my trades as I should have...unlike you!
i got lucky, lately ive had one 'killer' trade a day good for a lot of handles! Never used to... it wont last
my call of 896.25 was sheer beauty tho, but if memory serves i was in a killer short ,covered and had to chase the upside
the projections were on fire today
think ill try a sell at 901.75(5 min proj) but it bothers me when averages are below that!
well theres the gap fill gimmee.. which i didnt take!
kool I dont know what this pattern is here or if it will even complete a crab, but I do know that it is bullish
max here seems to be 903.25 so my stop will have to be above there.
if they can hold that 901.50 they will run it to 90 -88 area
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