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Globex 12-9-08

Look what we get to start off with boys! This is a Bullish Gartley...targets are in chart...stop is below "D" once it triggers with higher high or wide range bar

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this pause is the 15 min avg, but that 15 min bar at 919.25(low of 910.25)is very clear of what they [email protected]!
i would say by wed , Palmer.cycles seem to me to be positive to late tomorrow
looking for a runner on the downside- just want some heads up :)
the daily chart says till thurs at the outside for the rally to end
I sucked today- I will get them back tomorrow- rrrrrrrrrg
Art Cashin was on cnbc today saying that there should be a cycle top this week
he must have my computer tapped too!
yep- they are on you KOOL- The FEDS wil soon come knocking saying you are the one sending the market down :)
well, goota go... see everyone tomorroww! good trading all!
I trade 2 S&P position systems that I use to trade the SDS and SSO. One is based on the VIX and the other is based on an inverted and normalized TRIN. Both systems have 70-75% winning trades. Both systems went short on the close today. Their average trade duration is 2-5 days. Average trade for each is 2-5% however the last time they went short together was Nov 5 and they picked up 20% in 2 days trading the SDS.
if they can hold that 901.50 they will run it to 90 -88 area
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