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Globex 12-9-08

Look what we get to start off with boys! This is a Bullish Gartley...targets are in chart...stop is below "D" once it triggers with higher high or wide range bar

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as you know im bullish from 739 and will be till at least 974-980 ... but
that doesnt mean i wont sell the projection resistance areas. besides its early before the jan cycles really take hold
next good pause expected(by me anyway)around 922.50, then 974-980.50
on the downside 861 has to hold or parties over!
did you get a chance to absorb EW's dec edition yet?
I know big picture their bearish but I think they are looking for countertrend rally
1 minboll avg and avg, and 5 min boll all at 899.75-900.00... hence the pause here
5 min avg ,however is 903.08 where i think we may be heading
903 a short then??
1 and 5 min getting overbought already tho.
if they can hold that 901.50 they will run it to 90 -88 area