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Globex 12-12-08

Well obviously I missed something news worthy...
wow we just dying- no auto bailout
Originally posted by palmer

wow wsjalerts- that's great - remeber area to watch on the downside 823-833

Thanks Palmer will do.
took loser at 36.50....that's how good that one trying again from 29.25 to try and get 40 even..this overnight just kills me....I trade very light especially with this news on the wire..I have a zone that begins at 27 but those seem useless in overnight
Originally posted by VOwater

dead nuts low Bruce...well done!

yeah sorry bout that bruce...but it was great entry for a couple seconds anyway
Originally posted by VOwater

REVENGE! aint it great wsj

LOL... Lately have been super busy with work don't get time to look. I try to take a peak from time to time but honestly I think scalping is much harder than swing trading or maybe its just me, have no patience to watch the price go up and down :-)

air pockets at 37 - 39 and above the 45 number..that's a fairly grand goal down here....gheesh..had to take the 35 number..stop is at break even on last two..can't go into Fridays trade in the hole....I like buys under 45 though in general......and especially near 25 - 27 in the day session if we open down at these levels at 9:30
no problem...plenty more overnight trades for me to lose money on.....!!!
Originally posted by VOwater

yeah sorry bout that bruce...but it was great entry for a couple seconds anyway

you have some nice projections in the 31 and 27 area VO
flat at 32.75 and going to bed...good luck here..lots of targets on upside lets hope for a killer gap tomorrow.....don't buy too much here so we have something to buy in the A.M
bruce if ever there was a bar to turn on this would be it...when price squares with time!!!

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flat and selling 60 area I hope
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