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Globex 12-22-08

Evening all! This could be a fun opening!
FWIW, this comotose state is because all the avgs are between 883 and 884.25.. the 1 min is extremely oversold but the 5 min is extremely overbought!.. meanwhile the 15 is just starting a buy signal as is the hourly and this hour should be the hourly low! lots of conflict here to resolve before a major trend
did you see the weekly chart I posted? 100% = that would be great!
i probably will try a buy at 81.75-82.25 ..i dont know
yeah, you know way back in sept i think i kept getting that number...and posted it but gave up on it! may be too early!!!
one of the problems with globex is they leave lots of gaps and you dont know which they will go after first...1 @ 85
ill try a scalp at 882.50 cause i got to go to work at 7:45 or so
ReGARDING THE 453 NUMBER VO... im of the opinion we are in a secular bear which started in 2000 andends around 2015-16 so i think it possible but not for a year or 2
does that number come from a daily or weekly?
fwiw mini peak should come around 7:30
man, i keep getting that 87-87.50 number as a good short
orders cancelled , ill watch the open...see ya on the es thread!
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