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Globex 12-22-08

Evening all! This could be a fun opening!
Hey VO , THOSE CHARTS YOU POSTED WERE GREAT! bout time you looked at the longer term and gold too! keep it up!
dam, i wanted to buy that open soooo bad! now its a crapshoot... and typical boring globex action!
short 884.25
does the asian market open soon?
this only projects 83.75
no, not till 8 or 9
"Markets move against the trend of one greater degree only with a seeming struggle. Resistance from the larger trend appears to prevent a correction from developing a full motive structure. The struggle between the two oppositely trending degrees generally make corrective waves LESS CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE than motive waves...As another result of the conflict between trends, corrective wave are quite a bit MORE VARIED than motive waves." Prechter...what he is saying is corrective waves can be a sob to figure out and I couldn't agree more...and thanks alot Koolio for posting your current wave count in charts - it made me spend my Sat. digging in Prechters book! geez.
rofl! i know!
you noticed that all last week I didn't post any wave counts because frankly I just really did not have a good clue!
you know what i cant wait for... those lows due in mid JAN! LIKELY A RETEST OF THE CURRENT YEARLY LOW!(OR MORE)
orders cancelled , ill watch the open...see ya on the es thread!
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