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ES 1-2-09

GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY 09! order to sell one only at 905.00
"If price is rejected at the 236.8% level, then a reversal is imminent"......Just one of my observations while trying to learn this technique...
(Referring to the failure to reach the 261.8% level at 916.14 projection from 896.50 to 904.00....)
cycle mini top soon!
Yep...looking at that too...:-)
916 is a sq of 9, it should be noted!
Looks like 916.50 is the current UP projection on the 1 minute chart --If it falls short by a tick, then would be more confident of downside potential....
This -ve diversion should be worth something
I've explored 240 min. chart, but 1h looks more precise..

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Does it make sence or just a coincidence??
lat add for me is 15.75....the floor will many times try to push it 2.5 to 5 points beyond a R1, s1, r2,s2 number as they know many will gear their stops to those......just thought I'd mention it for those who follow pivots stuff
Hi Kool. Interesting method of time and price.

I was wondering if you do use your cycle/price method for trading with the trend, and how do you climb on board in those cases. Or maybe today was unusual day for going against the trend?.