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ES 1-2-09

GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY 09! order to sell one only at 905.00
already stopped out here...
THE REASON IS THE BARE MINIMUM 1 MIN PROJ OFF OF 905 WAS 903.50 AND WAS ALREADY MET.... i was to busy posting to exit ,but thats ok.. this is a very low risk trade here
ill try for 903.75 if they give it to me!
Since the initial 261.8% target(905) was exceeded, we need to go to the next higher time frame projection(UP)??
nope ..stopped at 906.00 ..loss of one... up 8.5 now...watching
....which is now 908.00?
908.75 is vo's abc projection
pdq, yes
Hi Kool. Interesting method of time and price.

I was wondering if you do use your cycle/price method for trading with the trend, and how do you climb on board in those cases. Or maybe today was unusual day for going against the trend?.

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