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ES 1-2-09

GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY 09! order to sell one only at 905.00
Good morning VO
well, look who finally crawled out of bed! keeping my hours now?
LOL...actually I got 6 hrs sleep last night...most ive had in prolly 2 years
VO, it's about time you woke up!
wide awake and looking to sell!
if they can get it to 18.75 ill sell
selling again!
they likely will, VO but i think they play around for a bit first!
s @ 14.75...will add higher if need be
see? sold 2 at 915.50, covered at 914.25,plus 1.25 on both...watching
Hi Kool. Interesting method of time and price.

I was wondering if you do use your cycle/price method for trading with the trend, and how do you climb on board in those cases. Or maybe today was unusual day for going against the trend?.

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