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A question for VO and KB????

Since you two guys are the leaders of the threads going on here, would you two be willing to try trading throughout the day in Mirc? I offer to open up a room in a server created for finantial purposes and will post detailed instructions on how to install and get to the chatroom. I just want to know if you two are up to giving a try to it before I make the request for the room. I for one think it is much easier since there is a lot of flexibility in terms of how and where you chat. Plus you get every single post real time without the need of refreshing.
Who else would be interested in participating?


P.S: Im sure a lot of people would benefit from it real time.
I asked that question when I joined- It save alot of time and it is must easier for those who post alot. One of the reasons I dont post alot is because it is difficult via webpages.
I hope the powers that be change their minds-

Vote here for MIRC
Actually. I am suggesting voice. Going through my Asterisk server. Everyone can chatter like normal tele conference. You don't even need to type. It can be distracting though.
I like the mirc idea.
this has been asked so many times, i guess im game to try it if you can get VO to go along... i just worry about too many talking at the same time ,thereby obscuring some important comments... but it would seem to have some advantages also.
Running a room can be a daunting task for the moderator(s).

I would be willing to help out at times if needed.
the bad thing about a voice room is that we would have to listen to an entire replay of audio when now we can do a few quick scrolls to view the important items.......after the market closes or during the day.....just my three cents
A different color for the posts of a few selected posters would simply and quickly filter the noise in a mirc based text chat. Just my 2c.
I have traded in a mirc setting and prefer the way this forum is organized much better. I found it very distracting to trade in the mirc setting-inevitably there are too many posts, many of them off topic and it interferes with focused trading. Just my two cents.
I've never used MIRC. I tried to once when PTemini set up a room but I couldn't find the right server.

As for too many people talking or posting, isn't there some sort of control over the room where you can specify who can do what? Even if there isn't I don't see this as much of a problem. I've been in rooms where 50 people could talk at once and by just laying down some ground rules to everyone the room was quite orderly.

My hopes for this room would be that it would make things easier for Kool, VO and all our other educators and to help them not miss trades due to posting or responding to a question. If it turned out that this was not the case I would be the first to abandon it.

There are other options out there other than MIRC. Omnovia and Hotcomm to name a few or maybe just a chat room like Paltalk where the moderators could speak instead of having to type and if a chart was needed it could be posted on these forums much like we're doing now with the end of the day chart thread.

With all the evolving and growing popularity of this forum I think its necessary that we explore ideas to help our educators out so they don't have to keep repeating themselves to every new member or be increasingly overwhelmed with questions as this site grows in size.

One thing that might help is a "Go Here First" site that would include all of the basics of the different strategies.

Anyhow, I'm just thinking out loud.

My intial reaction was NOT in favor of this idea, however, that could simply be out of ignorance. I am not familar with MIRC. I as well tried when PT setup a room but was unsuccesful. Did Popstocks not post recently that you can't post charts in MIRC? Is MIRC basically like an IM? I want what is best for the community and MyPivots. With that said, my first priority is to my OWN trading. If a MIRC setup will allow me to run a more efficient and effective business I would certainly entertain the thought. I would like to hear from both DT and PT concerning this.
So. How did the ensign chat work?. Is this is a permanent change?.

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