MyPivots Online Voice Chat

Please note that the Murmur/Mumble voice server was switched off on 4 July 2009. It is no longer running.

The MyPivots Online Voice Chat service uses the Mumble client application.

You can read about Mumble here and you can download it here.

When connecting to the server, use the Mumble application (not the Murmur application).

These are the connection settings you need to use:

After you've started Mumble, click on the menu: Server > Connect.
Click on the Custom Servers tab.
Enter a new Custom Server:
Label: MyPivots
Port: 64738
Username: Mumble username (this is the username you registered with - usually the same as your forum name unless you changed it)
Password: your password

Save this custom server and then click connect.

Note: You must register your Mumble username into the Mumble database here, then you need to use the Username and Password you used in that registration process.
is this room still up and working?
the voice chat?
I logged onto the mumble and was in the "room" but was unable to hear anything. Is this normal?

Where do you go for the e-chat?

I have followed all the directions I believe and still having trouble getting in Kools Rules? Please help.


Originally posted by bcippola

I have followed all the directions I believe and still having trouble getting in Kools Rules? Please help.

Describe what you've done and what results you've seen.
I cant get into kools tools help me please somebody!!!!!
I have signed up for Downloaded mumble and registered password with I followed direction on mumble to select and set up server. When I click on kools tools in mumble it says access denied.
I also can't get in. I can browse the private forums, but am unable to join the mumble channel. I get the message "Denied: DeepTrader not allowed to Enter in Kools Tools (members room)"

I have already registered my username in the mumble DB.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

DeepTrader: Have you registered both your usernames with the Mumble part of the system? It may be that you logged in to the mumble as DeepTrade and registered with that and then you're trying to access the chat with DeepTrader. Try registering both of the them.