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It's a Girl !!!

We welcomed our new baby into the world at 6 p.m eastern time last night. My wife went into labor at 3 a.m. She decided to actually use an epideral this time so things where much less stressful and obviously not as painful as the last two births. Mother and child are doing well.

She's 8.7 lbs and 20 inches long. We haven't named her yet. I was routing for "E-MINI" but my wife wouldn't go for it....

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes. It means so much.

Congrats Guru
what a blessing to recieve such a miracle, congrats
lol...thanks Ak1..what I'd really like to know is if today is going to be the break from consolidation or are they gonna run it down just to try and get it back into the midpoint of this distribution in the 825 area...this is one confused market
Prayers answered. Congratulations.
thanks all......I'll post some photo's when I have more time
Congratulations Bruce! Great news.
Congrats Bruce!!
Gratz hand out the cigars!
Congrats Bruce!

I hope those sleepless nights will not prevent you from trading.