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Reversal days

The operative word is days.

Jan 28, Feb 3, 9, 13 ,20, 26

March 4, 10, 16, 20, 26,

April 1, 7, 14, 20

Then April Fool comes by.

See how the day before pans out like today, Jan 27 sidways but above main pivot. So the probability is that is going to go up this week from the pivot (829). Now I look at 842.25 and see. My guess is 871-881.25 for the highs with 881.75 precise. This is macro picture. How and if we get there I don't know.

The reversal days can be +1 day of the above days if it has to happen.

Reversal days change trend or continue trend.

Trade well and

Good luck Some cyclical date traders use this software
Yes it can be confusing, but If you went +1 day to the 28 = 29 then in your trading you are looking for a short till the 849 and then 829 last week.

So these reveresal days are just to give you and idea of what may happen and you prepare accordingly.

You don't really need it to trade successfully.
Full Moon and New Moon is all you need to know for monthly turning points
I made a Julian calender fit onto a chart once and backtested just Buy signals on both these New and Full moon dates did better than ol' MACD by far....go figure....

Kools tools for day trading are quite acurate too give or take a minute......Kudos Kool thanks for sharing


The Hound
stock almanac calling for a bull day today & bear Friday
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