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Joe's Tues Call

He called afternoon bottom, but didn't give a time. I posted a time in MM's thread and he or DT deleted it. I reposted it- it'll probably dissapear.

Here's what I wrote:

Scratch that I forgot something. 8:31:09 PM retrace bounce bear bias.

..should last until Tuesday afternoon and if it would up run into the close on Tues would be best to drive those put premiums down, which would be a good time to buy puts which puts the ES at 900 and the RSI over 72ish level..

Tues. 8:04:09 PM bottom


The S&P 30 degree and 30 day cycle is 3 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes and 9 seconds, and there are 49 trading cycles per a 252 day trader's year.

Joe's working off of a 30 minute chart. That's where his trouble resides.
What's puzzling me about Joe's bullish outlook is the trade he took short at 85 last Thursday morning. He said he took it opposite of trend because time and price squared. It did. 86 was a 60 degree and the conclusion of a cycle, that squared within 2 hours of this entire bull rally.

There's no bones about trying to corner me in the dunce's corner and in the limelight. I'ld like to know why he changed his mind.

I'm being railroaded by people giving shady calls. If you're trading live you're losing money. Let's talk about it.
Howdy SPQR ... posted my response to your question about "deleting" on another thread (Monkey Weekend ES Analysis) when I first hit the site and before I read this thread this morning. It's here:
886 is square of nine, Thursday was 565 calender days which is also a sq of nine from the highiest the market ever traded. Thats squaring price with time. I have seen gann do it umpteen times in "tunnel thru the air" I still never found out why thru was spelled that way LOL. This is the big secret, no special planet longitude, no funky charts, no speed lines. I have been doing this since 00' I have posted it in this room at least a dozen times.

Thats where the price came from now here is the technical reason...

1) Thursday the market gaped into overbought in a old upswing old is 30 bars. 30 bars is the average cycle from 30min RSI oversold to overbought.
2) RSI was overbought 30 min.
3) MACD div on the 144 tick
4) The $tick tops where declining since 15:10 the day before

I switched to long when we fell through 871 (square of nine) and couldn't attract new sellers. And the RSI was hitting the low 40's as soon as the RSI hooked at the support I bailed and went long as best I can remember.

btw @ 11:20 I posted I was @ 885 short targeting 871 (square of nine) 2hours later the market hit my limit. The posts are in the RSI thread.

How in the world was that trade shady?

Shady-illegitimate. underhanded. dishonorable. corrupt. sneaky.

The trade was legit, and it was out in the open for all to see.

You cannot just make up new meanings to words. If my posting trades makes you mad/angry/jealous whatever just let me know and I'll quit doing it, and I'll just post when I think the 30min is going to trade in the other direction.
I'm sorry, Joe. It was uncalled for. I'm tired of being scooted to the outside like I don't know what I'm talking about. And my post was deleted. Your calling a tenative bottom sometime Tuesday after my post forecasting to the second when it should end was deleted, set me off.

There's very little reason for me to stay here and post after the sniveling sophmoric locker room antics everyone joined in on bashing me.

Suppose I'll sit back and watch them lose money, or make more of it from my offerings.

That post wasn't deleted, its still there its the last one on page one.

Last post.....

And just so you know I am calling for higher ground into a high on Tuesday morning ES around 900 RSI around 72ish level. But the last few weeks has seen the market open weak Monday morning
Hey Joe, I think this is the link to the page you intended to reference about that trade:
RSI was 71.5 and the ES 899 and a few bars off. Still not bad.
Originally posted by CharterJoe

.. I still never found out why thru was spelled that way LOL. ..

Gann knew this is the way people spell it in the future.
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