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Re: My Cast

I don't care what anybody says. That's an irregular top B wave from that bonified 5th of a 5th ABC that didn't correct. Irregardless they finally broke that mid-line channel strong, and it's coming back down just as strong. I'm looking for a double bottom at 62 from all those double tops around 96.

Call me crazy but my view hasn't changed. Tomorrow night bottom.
I am going short [email protected] 897

edit <907 stop and targeting 877>
Picked up a few BAC puts @ 1.56

ES finding some support on the 10 MA (30min) a close below would be nice (894)
There's your 901, Joe. Fantastic work. I'm not playing until I see those pikers get stolen from. lol

man this thing is strong. I should have went with my original plan and shorted at the close. FWIW that 907 stop is moved for after hours, only large enough in case a big move in the overnight, I'll keep a close eye on it tonight, I started with 3 so I can add if need be. They blew through that 901 like it wasn't nothing.

09' high 924 ought to be a good short. BAC +19% thats some moving, I left 50cent on the table but pulled some nice profits off it.
Obama promised to close tax loop holes in american corporations sending jobs overseas to skirt paying taxes. Says he's got plans for BSDs' money. This right here is opposite sentiment. They're going to all at once at a time yet known take all their money out of the market.
Wish they would leave the CBOE open till 4:15 I was to slow at buying some more SPY puts down .25 on those at the close. Whats the closing $TICK mines not working right...I am showing +548 seems it ought to be a lot higher than that
Never mind I had the overnight off...$TICK +1050 that seems more in line
I over-looked the bear 63 test of the 29th's low on that retrace from 85. I had my eyes on the 70 daily close to top holds on the 29th, 30th and tightening the range in the mean of the candle on the 1st. Those holds were to me significant because they were also holds from Jan 28th and 29th. Essentially what it boils down to in today's action were bear headfakes looking to double top and turn around. The way I'm seeing it, and maybe some of you three-dot ex-nihilo capers are better price readers than I (and I doubt that) lol - but I count a total of four major failed bull waves in this entire rally, and that second wave breach from the forth at the onset from 62 is so ugly it threw me off. Basically if you're in the money today it was nothing more than luck. Period. Save numbers from a calculator.

Anyway [...]
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