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e-mini's courses

Okay, I'm searching and searching.. I really really need and want to learn to trade these e-mini's successfully. I have spent over 10k on this crap. I'm still back to up and down up and down. I haven't actually made any money in two years. I'm breaking even. It's a waste of time. Can anybody recommend anything? I've tried strategy after strategy... My own, somebody else's. I need some kind of education or coach or SOMETHING or SOMEBODY that I can trust. Anybody have any sugguestions????
Thanks for any help you can give.

Any chance you can send me a PM regarding your experience with ATW?
I'm 5 months into the program and need a reality check.
Hey Jack99,

No need to go private really. My comments on an earlier post are pretty straightforward and to the point. Did you ask them for documentation of proof of their own trading track record? Their "real time" trading posts, when truly vetted over time, don't hold up. After 5 months, you should have a pretty good handle on things ... so that's a reality check in and of itself I guess. Based on your comment, you wouldn't have posted unless you were struggling to make money or any sense out of their indicators, systems etc. Sorry you've paid 'em your hard earned money. Simmons has said countless times that the MAJORITY of his students make back the course fee within the FIRST MONTH with ATW. If you aren't making any real headway by now, haul ass ... cut your losses.

Reason for the PM request is because I try to very careful about posting criticism. While I did learn a few things, I didn't find any "game changing" insights. None of the setups or systems I backtested led me to change what I was already doing—so I don't use them. At the end of the day I'm left wondering, did I miss something, or has the course changed for the worse? As I screen these places, I try to drop them into three categories: crooks, decent traders/lousy educators, lousy traders/ decent educators. I haven't found any that are great traders and educators (for obvious reasons). I haven't figured ATW out yet. What I would have asked in the PM was: when did you sign-up, how long where you there, and what made you decide to sign-up in the first place?
Hey Jack,

Visiting vendor trading rooms is kind of a hobby of mine. I don't break them down into catagories like you do, but rather I approach my evaluation on this one premise.

Its well known that 90% of new traders lose money so what I look for and ask these rooms is "by how much have you improved these odds"? As to date I have never had a straight answer mostly because they have never looked at it in this way.

Trading is much more then entries/exits/setups it entails discipline, money management, psychology, so wouldn't a better barometer be to see if this vendor increased the percentage of successful traders overall?

Anyway hope this helps.

YAY my 500th post. Hawaii here I come. Do you FedEx the tickets DT?
Hey jack,

I'll simply refer to my prior comments and revert back to the "big picture" ... that if you don't have anything clicking well enough with it that you sense the need for a reality check (and we've all been there at different times during the ebb and flow of our trading careers), then your 5 months in is enough IMHO and time to move on. Don't pay any more money and, as per your initial comments, only take away from it that which you might see some future usefullness in. I wish I had better news for you buddy! There's a lot to be learned here from many different folks on the mypivots site in my opinion. I think myptofvu's post is an example of that on this particular thread! Look forward to your participation and any input and anlysis you have to offer!

And MYPTOFVU, if DT offers a 2-fer special for 500 posts mark, then toss me whatever xtra doggie biscuit package you get if you will bro! And CONGRATS! :-)
Anyone with an opinion on Tim Morge and his mentoring? (no affiliation)
TraderMom, I suggest you check Online Trading Academy, they provide professional trader's education, and they have about 30 branches worldwide... You can check their site, as they offer also free courses on Futures, stocks, fx, etc.

Good luck.
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