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One mans guess

Well, the picture is becoming clearer, a decent decline here, and then higher....much higher into july! heres what Kools Tools are saying F.W.I.W.!
yeh, another 10 handle day for me yesterday.. been hot lately. It took guts to call for those sub 900 numbers when we were much ,much higher, but all i can go by is my work. Still reeling from that call for 898.75 where i had my order and we only went to 899.25! No ones perfect i guess! The above chart was posted in my room to explain why i told a good friend we would likely bounce up to 913-14 area at a minimum. Unlike me he got long down there.

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very Cool..Kool...daily R1 sits at 919.50 today.....too
I should point out, however that as posted many times here, and in my room, i am still looking for higher prices eventually . Either in the early July time frame or late Aug. I was thinking 894 as you know and so far 899.25 was all weve gotten. Im not used to missing by that much, but it is possible thats all we get on the downside ,at least for now. time will tell!! stay tuned!
jjust took ahandle off that pevious short... sold 921.25 for i hope a better risk reward!
taking one off at 919.50 and the other at 916.75 (hope fully)
bingo on 919.50 for half

Amazing !!! Thank you that I can learn so mutch
Originally posted by koolblue

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...moral of the story, trust your work!

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kool, there's a separate thread that has been opened here, in search of you...
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