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Hi everybody. I'm a new trader. I'd like to know information about MARKET DELTA? Can someboby help me in this question, please. I have datas of markets' volume. If it's important in my work? Please, help me to understand Market profile.

I am from Russia, and speak English very bad. Thanks.
I think DT is using 24 hr. data to run the emini value area. Some only use the RTH data.
Thanks Redsixspeed. I had a feeling the data was different. I've been using the real time data. Where do you find the 24 hour data? And how do you input it in the calculator? i.e., the calculator uses 13 high/low segments, which matches rtd.


sorry kpmom;
What I should say is I think DT is using the bars from 9:30est to the es close at 4:15est.
When I run the mp I use 9:30 to 4:00. I'am sure when he reads this he will give you a better

Originally posted by kpmom

I'm just learning about mkt. profile, value area, etc. and have a question about the mkt. profile calculator on this site. When I input yesterdays S&P #'s (i.e. high and low for each 30 min. segment) into the calculator I get a different outcome than what Day Trader posts daily. For example my value area for today came out to 1002-996.
Day Trader's was 999.25-993.75. Why the difference?



Here are today's value's for the Emini S&P 500 from 9:30am to 4pm EST:

996.75 993.25
999.25 994.50
998.75 994.50
1000.75 998.00
1001.75 998.75
1003.25 999.75
1004.00 1001.50
1004.00 1001.25
1002.50 997.75
999.75 997.00
1001.75 997.75
1000.75 997.50
1002.75 997.00

If you copy/paste these into the Market Profile Calculator then you'll get the values of 1002.75, 998.75, 997.25 which match today's values posted in the forum.
thanks DT; I didn't mean to cause an issue.

I'm looking to get MP VAH,VAL, and POC for ZB market, is there any way you can incorporate this in your daily briefing?

Will the calculator give me the values you use for all your info?

Thank you,

day trading,
thanks for the calculator. I figured it out... pretty simple. thank you again! no need to answer the first post.
Pleased to see that you worked it out traderlife. Feel free to ask again if anything is unclear.
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