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Guy has an article about TURTLE TRADING SYSTEM.
Just a few info about TURTLES.
The group created by RICHARD DENNIS and WILLIAM ECKHARDT in 1983 under the name TURTLES used 2 trading Systems - just a little different:
System 1.-a short-term system based on a 20-day breakout;
System 2.-a long-term system based on a 55-day breakout
trading 21 futures markets, always entering only 1 contract per market, with focus on DIVERSIFICATION.
I'll give a few brief detailes - only about first system.

The TURTLES used a concept called N to represent the underlying volatility of a market - a 20 day EMA of the TRUE RANGE.

When the price exceeded by a single tick the high or low of the previous 20 days. Entry signals were ignored if the last breakout resulted in a winning trade (taken or not).
Added 1 contract at 1/2 N following their initial entry(actual fill price).
Based on position risk (no trade could incure more than 2% risk).
1 N represented 1% of Account Equity. The maximum stop was 2 N of price movement. To keep the risk low, if additional contracts, the stops for previous contracts were raised by 1/2 N.
As alternative, they use a strategy called Whipsaw.
Positions exited if the price went against the position for a 10 day breakout.
They used in general LIMIT orders to enter a market.

The systems are more complicated than this very brief information.

Today's markets are different than in 80's; LESS TRENDING and FASTER MOVING, as you probably know.

The original TURTLE rules are not working so well today. Even Richard Dennis said so in an interview in 2004. Modified, still can be good systems, but there are better solutions. TURTLES rules are for BIG accounts, able to sustain big drawdown and diversification.
Every TURTLE used at list USD500,000 to start trading the rules.

There are a lot of sellers of TURTLES rules/systems for various amounts of money.You will not make money trading based on such information, because are not even the original rules you will need to modify.
Just an example; This web page is developed by a person NEVER TRADING. Do you think a nontrader can teach you how to make money trading?
Have a good trading all of you.
Thanks for that detailed explanation Gene!
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