Did anybody take a training course in nextbartrading by ELEAZER HERACLEOPOLIS? He talks about nextbar, PVSA and Volume? Any feedback appreciated

I sent you a private message.

Where you able to make the videos?!

David can you elaborate on your experience? Has he changed at all in the way he does business?!
Hey Auto...:
Where you able to make those videos on your knowledge and experience of Eleazar Nextbartrading? I was also really considering his course! and you would save me a lot of heartbreak and pain if you could help me out!!

Thank you!
It looks like that Nextbartrading has been re-incarnated as ALPHA TRADING STRATEGIES
ALPHATSTRATEGIES.COM. I came across a video on youtube and recognized Eleazar's voice and his way of speaking. It's the same exact content as his Nextbar Videos except he throws in his "Alpha" concept.

I took his course when it was Nextbar. I was impressed by the videos and I do feel that VSA can provide an edge if one is skilled in it's use, but there were some aspects regarding him that bothered me. 1. He always traded in SIM, but pretended it was live. 2. He said there were no indicators used, but he had me put a DMI on my chart. 3. He would tell me he has evolved the course and the approach through countless hours of R and D and wanted me to pay more money to be told of those improvement. I felt I had paid for a complete course, not a work in progress. 4. There was supposed to be a live trading room for students that was included in the price. It never transpired. 5. He said he was moving on to bigger and better things and didn't need to teach anymore. Makes perfect sense with the skill displayed in the videos, but here he is yet again. Repackaged and new and improved.

Buyer be ware.

thanks,,,I lost track of the number of times Austin P has revamped his courses and website too....seems it's a common trick in vendor land.......there's always new money looking to make fast cash in the world of trading...I think the really fast cash is in selling stuff to other traders !! The rest of us put our cash on the line each day in the markets.