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Ninja Trader 5

NinjaTrader Version 5 has just been released and includes a host of new features that include:

- Fully functional free use NinjaTrader Simulation Edition
- Charting
- Automated Trading Interface for TradeStation and eSignal
- Market record and replay
- eSignal, DTNIQ and TrackData data feed support
- Trading Technologies support
- Powerful Performance Analysis
- And much more…

Use our Free Simulation Edition against any one of our supported brokerage/data feed providers. For TradeStation users, you can also use the Simulation Edition using the TradeStation data feed.

Download now at:
I've been playing around with the new version (version 5) of NinjaTrader today and particularly like the following:

- If you open a chart window then when you execute a trade you can view your entry and live P/L on the chart automatically. Also, all previous trades already executed appear on the chart.

- There is an area for journal entries. This is (IMO) an excellent feature as it time stamps your journal entries for you and keeps it all with your trading data so you can quickly enter a reason for entering/exiting a trade and when you're examing your trades after hours refer back to your journal.

I'll add more notes here when I find more features that I like.
NinjaTrader Version 5.0.1000.2 is released.

What’s new

Improvement: SuperDOM size (width) has been significantly reduced

Improvement: SuperDOM stop limit order limit offset input field value is persisted

Improvement: SuperDOM center button has been moved to the top center button of the price ladder

Improvement: MB Trading Navigator settings are preserved when using NinjaTrader

Changed: Limit offset for stop limit stop loss orders from 25 ticks to 20 ticks (some exchanges rejected orders)

Changed: Implementation of linear regression (curve) indicator for TradeStation compatibility

Added: Repair database function

Added: Options window "Server" tab

Added: Chart window "Always On Top" option

Added: Chart indicator standard pivot lines

Added: Executions with negative fill amounts are now supported (IB FA accounts)

Added: Control Center window Help-->Download menu

Fixed: Control Center window Account tab did not properly calculate realized P&L for Sim101 account while connected to IB

Fixed: In rare situations open position were not reported accurately

Fixed: "Failed to execute DB job 'AccountUpdateObj" error message

Fixed: Performance Manager summary report sometimes incorrectly reported total number of winners or losers

Fixed: Exception thrown when modify entry order size if multiple strategies were running on same market simultaneously

Fixed: Price based strategy parameters were reset to zero when selecting strategy template

Fixed: "Unable to start ATI" error on application start up

NinjaTrader Webinar Tuesday, November 22 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time.

See what's new with NinjaTrader Version 5!

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Order creation and management can be a time consuming and erroneous process especially when trading fast markets, with NinjaTrader, the order execution process is efficient and accurate providing you the edge you need to succeed!

Come join us and learn how NinjaTrader can improve your trading. Some of the features covered in the webinar will be:

Fast order submission and modification
SuperDOM static price ladder
Automatic submission of stop loss and profit targets
Automatic trail stop and breakeven
Advanced simulated stop loss orders
Strategy management
Simulation capabilities
Performance reporting
And much, much more...
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