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Educators' Nemisis

FREE!!!What you say...FREE!!!

A system where we can have fun and learn.

Purpose: To prove that an interested trader should NEVER pay a charlatan/educator to learn how to trade without published proof of real time brokerage trades showing they are profitable over a given period . (Not 1 day either)

This thread is intended to help those sitting on the fence to get off the fence and trade with a little bit of help and those that are trading hone in on their disciplines.

Of course, if you know everything about trading this thread will be of no benefit to you.

The system will NOT be given to will have to research while at the same time I will provide real time trades/calls.

Before, I go any further ...I am not computer savvy ;so if I mess up I apologise and maybe somebody can assist me.

The system; Less than 100 words
Money management: Less than 50 words. It will become obvious as you follow the trades where you will see "X1, X2" and so on.

Profit goal: This exercise - 2 profitable trades
Profit/ Stops-Reverse trades: 1.75 -2.0 -/+ commissions

Current statistics: Free wheeling 53% profitable has not varied more than 4%.
Maximum successive profitable trades 7
Maximum successive losing trades 4

I will not post entries until my other model has finished for the day...average time around 3.5 hours from 7 am EST. If it a loss...a lot earlier

This is a genuine attempt to assist traders and others with absolutely NO ulterior motive...more about me later..

So here goes...
reversed 109675..Sls 109925 x19

next trade x18
whew....that's some big numbers for a stop and reverse strategy...thanks for keeping us updated
It got very nasty...hasn't happened in years the 9.30 debacle; and of all times!!

Been in trouble before and with average luck should recover...drawdown exceeded 5%...10% is max

Opened 108675..

BGT 108800 ..SELL 109050 x18

reverse 108675
DONE 18 x225

Next trade x17
9.30 was a stinker again...while I know that I only have a 30% chance of a 1 hit, this action is a bit silly..

Anyway this is how it went

Opened 108875 sld 108750 x17,bgt 108875, sld 108750, bgt 108875 x20

DONE 20 x225 - 54 x125 =neyt loss,but still up on day

Will go back through the data and see if I should change times back to 9 am instead of 9.30
10.30 session was as equally bad in fact worse

Opened 109350 got flipped 5 times..x19, x20, x21, x22,23,and done x24x225

need a quckie @ 1.30 x23...rope is getting tighter
1.30 session a bit better , if there is such a thing

Opened 109775..BGT 109900 x23

reversed 109775 BGT 109525 x24

DONE 24 x225- 23 x 125 = net profit but loss for the day

Next trade x23
7 am session completed

Opened 109050

SLD 108925 x23

reversed 109050 x24

reversed 108925 x5
DONE 25 x225 - 47 x125= net loss

Next trade 9.30 x24
9.30 opened 108700

Had a bit of luck this morning..didn't get touched @ 108575 first time for some reason

2nd time did...SLD 108575 x24

reversed BGT 108700 x25

Done 225 x25 - 24 x125 = net profit

Next trade x24
i have eceeded my limit...I am done for awhile...looks like a looong year
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