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Educators' Nemisis

FREE!!!What you say...FREE!!!

A system where we can have fun and learn.

Purpose: To prove that an interested trader should NEVER pay a charlatan/educator to learn how to trade without published proof of real time brokerage trades showing they are profitable over a given period . (Not 1 day either)

This thread is intended to help those sitting on the fence to get off the fence and trade with a little bit of help and those that are trading hone in on their disciplines.

Of course, if you know everything about trading this thread will be of no benefit to you.

The system will NOT be given to will have to research while at the same time I will provide real time trades/calls.

Before, I go any further ...I am not computer savvy ;so if I mess up I apologise and maybe somebody can assist me.

The system; Less than 100 words
Money management: Less than 50 words. It will become obvious as you follow the trades where you will see "X1, X2" and so on.

Profit goal: This exercise - 2 profitable trades
Profit/ Stops-Reverse trades: 1.75 -2.0 -/+ commissions

Current statistics: Free wheeling 53% profitable has not varied more than 4%.
Maximum successive profitable trades 7
Maximum successive losing trades 4

I will not post entries until my other model has finished for the day...average time around 3.5 hours from 7 am EST. If it a loss...a lot earlier

This is a genuine attempt to assist traders and others with absolutely NO ulterior motive...more about me later..

So here goes...
SLD 113850...BUY 113650...x5...reverse 114050..x7
and I got flipped again @ x9....that was "enough" as it became evident the the volatility was simply not there, soI had no alternative but to stop trading this method for the time being...happened once before back in 2006...that is trading...

All is not lost...just have a current loss on this system, but in the meantime I will be trading my other system in ES...

It basically goes like this....

Enter the market at a specific time, approximately 4 to 6 times, in a 14 hour cycle.There will be times where I will start trading at 3am EST, if I wake up and in the mood and shut down early.

If ES improves 1,25 =BUY...goal 2.25 net

If lower by 1.25 = SELL...same goal

if "BUY" reverses 1.25 (effective stop) SELL at "opening " price to achieve same goal as above

if "SELL" reverses..opposite of above

I use the D'Almbert system to allocate contracts...

This system can also work well with DM minis using 10 stop... 20 goal.
where you intentionally trading on a holiday session Pink ? I think this is the first time you did this...

I've traded on holidays mistake...just curious
No did not trade today or last night...the x9 flip was a cleanup from 1/13
A couple of points re "failed " system...even though it was evident that the volatility had gone out of the market compared to what we were used to, it did not mean that I should have stopped earlier;after all nobody can predict what is going to happen the next day, let alone the next two hours.

In hindsight, I could well have increased my exposure and reduced my profit goal....that would have been very useful over this period. However, the ROR was skinny enough and had I had a nasty turn, beyond what it appears, the losses would have been very high ...and for most... a possible blow out of sorts.

We just have to accept the fact that there are periods where the Gods are stacking it against us and we cannot complain, but to adjust to the situation or simply stop until conditions appear to be in our favor.

We don't complain when we are making profits .....

I think I referred to the Dow Mini as DM..should read YM...
First trade today will be approx. 9.30..if completed (profitable)...10.30...if completed then 1.30...there was an overlap trade from 3 am that I did not take...profitable...

Will not automate as always want "control"
The 9.30 trade will not be qualified as executed because the market is erratic then and focus has to be on trades...

Simply +1.25= BUY SELL=2.25 net and opposite if lower

if reverses to open price= reverse +1 unit

I start with 3 as a "base"
9.30 DONE 3x 225

Opened 113150...bgt 3275...sold 3500 net

Next trade x2 @ approx 10.30
Finally got around to updating...

10.30 open 113950

BGT 114075 x2

reversed 113950 x3

reversed back 114075 x4....goal either way is 225 net

If not completed by 1.30 this will be the last trade for the day
i have eceeded my limit...I am done for awhile...looks like a looong year