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ES 12-15-09

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Changed my exit to 1106.25 cause of the vol at 1106.00. Swear to GOD , those boyz in the pits are reading my posts!..LOL. BY all rights we should go to 1105 but were oversold again on the 5 min so as im a skittish scalper, thats my decision!
Notice the reaction came at 1106.75, not 1106.25? that means the proj on the left(1105.00) not the right(1104.25) is the most likely objective...if it continues down ,that is!lol
No real sound reason ,except im a wimp , but i just exited at 1.5.. now up 5.25 on the day and hating myself for being such a pansy...
Interesting to talk about how emotion plays such a big role in trading. I am interested in how you feel when being in trades. I am constantly fighting my fears about being wrong and in turn screw up too many trades.
I also keep my stops too tight. I would love to be able to use a 3 point stop as you do, but I tend to use 1.75 - 2.25 and am stopped out too much
well ,theres the usual bingo on 1106.25.. now it it continues to 1105.25 in ,say the next 20 min ,i'll try a scalp buy but probably one only(protecting my profits!) By that time the 13 min and 5 min will be well oversold!
fwiw..right around here is where i should have exited my short!...
[email protected][email protected]#$! dam ,dead nuts hit on 1105.25 but no fill yet! There starting to play hard ball!
WOW, HIT AFTER ALL! long one from 1105.25 2.5 stop to start.. holding for 1107? not sure yet..
Well time for me to get some sleep ... it was a fun day .. but tomorrow afternoon is likely where the action will be! c ya tomorrow!
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