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ES 12-15-09

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lets keep in mind ,yesterday was a cycle peak so im thinking (against almost all the bloggers!) that today could be down into tomorrows fed report. Tomorrow is the moon and also the area 15th-17th for the seasonals to make their low before rising the rest of the month. New highs were still healthy at 298 yesterday ,while new lows were a paltry 3! This still lends credence to my belief that the 'break' of the past months trading range will eventually be up!
long from 1104.50
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EXIT ORDER IN AT 1106.00 CAUSE OF ALL THE VOLUME AT 1106.25 AND 1106.50.. and i need a quick exit so i can get some rest! i work all night and havent been to bed yet! Thats why i usually show up at 10 or 11am...
...out at 1106.00 plus 1.5 there now up 2.75 on the day ..see ya at 10 or 11!
Back and watching... not a bad call on yesterdays cycle top, eh?
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OUT ONE AT one and now up 3.75 on the day ..still holding the other of course...
Well time for me to get some sleep ... it was a fun day .. but tomorrow afternoon is likely where the action will be! c ya tomorrow!
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