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ES 12-30-09

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I feel ive let you down in not emphasising the cross enough. I'll try to do better!
Its just fun speculation, but you might want to peak at the posting i just made under trading strategies, longer term view here at mypivots.GOING TO GET SOME REST ...SEE YA SOON

-1.5900 -0.14%
Candlestick Analysis
Today’s Candlestick Patterns:
Black Spinning Top
Bearish Engulfing

Candlestick Pattern

Today a Black Spinning Top was formed. This represents complete indecision between the bulls and the bears.
For more about this candlestick click here.

The last two candlesticks formed a Bearish Engulfing Pattern . This is a bearish reversal pattern that marks a potential change in trend. However, its reliability is not very high and it requires confirmation.
if you look at 30 min chart looks like h & S pattern with more downside 1108?
If we break 1112.00 , my guess would be that 1109.25 projection. fwiw (back in 2-3 hours)
hey kool you active on any other forum?

i know u r on et.
what is et
im not really 'active Akola! Ive made 3 posts in the last 2 months ... basically showing my feeble attempts at Elliot wave counts. A guilty pleasure. But i wouldnt trade off of them !
Originally posted by rburns

what is et... et is elite trader forum
If you go to longer term views thread here at mypivots ,you can see the same chart!
out at 1121.00, plus 1.5 on each es... finishing the day up 3 handles..not much but a win is a win, and i need more sleep! see ya tomorrow?
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