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ES 12-30-09

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Taking one off at 1121.25.. holing the other ,praying for 1123 and change!
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Dont like this action of course ,but im commited and i'll see it thru! I m the Brett Favre OF MyPIVOTS! A real gunslinger!
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Stop raised to 1118.00, just in case!
Thats a bingo! on my prediction of extreme boredom!...LOL
Wnt to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR while the action is slow!
Same to you and your band of merry men
Originally posted by rburns

Same to you and your band of merry men
...Thank you sir!...
Going nowhere fast!... AT THE SPEED OF NOTHING!
out at 1121.00, plus 1.5 on each es... finishing the day up 3 handles..not much but a win is a win, and i need more sleep! see ya tomorrow?
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