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anyone trying for longs ?

Even though I'm expecting the charts to get cleaned up soon at the 41 and 38 area I think moderate longs at 47.50 are ok..lots of players waiting near 51 and higher...I'm surprised the health news didn't move the market....we where lower before it was real news today to rattle us today in RTH..
i went long at 1147.00 hr and half ago. took 1pt profit
awaiting for the market to break below 1146.75 to consider going long again
cool..I'm trying to get two off at fill yet......then I'll have one left
Time to cover boys!
I just did Kool at 59.75...second long campaign today...triples still above at 61.75 ( from friday)but I'm not getting too greedy
that 57 - 58 area is ripe for a retest but haven't found anything...triples run out from friday is the only choice...but trending..lots of stops geared to 57.50 too
im currently short 1161.75
im out. 1pt profit
Perhaps you can explain your reasons Eminiken ? The reason I ask is because you seemed to be praising a vendor on another thread and I don't want to go down that path....I post as my trades are happening or slightly later so I can grill those that don't. Don't take it personally...I try to give some reasons otherwise we become another "post and boast " forum. I'd hate to see that happen here..

I'm not expecting this to happen but IF they let those traders win who have stops at 57.50 then they will try and push it to the 65 - 68 area s that is 8 - 10 points off that ledge..My bias and trades are still short though..I want to see them run out the 57 - 58 players
Hey u have a projection up into the 70 number..? from the 15 minute...I'm practicing your stuff when I can !!
this NQ failure has me trying shorts one last time up at 62.50....
What happened here ? Rburns was perplexed by AK1's postings with no explainations. It seemed to hit upon the concept of contribution value of a post. So Ak1 asks him to post some charts , which would give Rburns a chance to contribute. So where are we here ?

It seems that you where both asking for something specific...and both posts are lacking contribution value....I'm not trying to be rude...just objective...

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