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anyone trying for longs ?

Even though I'm expecting the charts to get cleaned up soon at the 41 and 38 area I think moderate longs at 47.50 are ok..lots of players waiting near 51 and higher...I'm surprised the health news didn't move the market....we where lower before it was real news today to rattle us today in RTH..
Im covering here at 1165.25.. have to leave , back soon
The market might break to change the RTH LOW
Nice long Kool....I'm with You bias is to the short side but certainly will be wary if we bounce to new highs off the 66.75 volume pocket..biggest volume bar is 66.75 - 68 so price may hang here a bit before it decides a direction...hopefully down..
$Tick may be messing with me but it's showing me the longs are gonna lose up here....
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09:09:55 SELL_MARKET 1168.00
11:29:35 BUY_LIMIT 1162.25
Today has been a good day. Missed my target of $500 per contract by 1 tick

08:45:59 BUY_MARKET 1163.50
09:02:58 SELL_LIMIT 1167.50
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shoulda been a little more patient. stopped at 1158.00 on one es.
Amazing day so far

12:21:46 BUY_LIMIT 1159.50
13:27:48 SELL_LIMIT 1162.25
What happened here ? Rburns was perplexed by AK1's postings with no explainations. It seemed to hit upon the concept of contribution value of a post. So Ak1 asks him to post some charts , which would give Rburns a chance to contribute. So where are we here ?

It seems that you where both asking for something specific...and both posts are lacking contribution value....I'm not trying to be rude...just objective...

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