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ES short term trading 4-22-10

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I'm also not convinced now that the NQ taking out it's O/N high is a good thing...not sure that will attract buyers ..seems sellers if anything
one last thing here to contradict my thinking. The oevrnight had it's low volume in the 95 - 97 and now we have created low volume on the way up so that may be a good sign.....

I'm obviously conflicted so I'm standing aside..I hope you get your 1207 ak1
Bingo for 1201. Sometimes though Bruce we follow the same techniques yet we end up trading reverse of each other
this is just for those that may be getting familiar with the Price's a good exagerated example of high vertical volume in the lower window pushing the market quickly so not much time is spent at those prices which shows up on the histogram on the right.....These areas will become targets for those taking shorts and some will look to buy in there when/If price trades back to it...those prices are unfair because two sided trade didn't take place there...
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that's ok..I wish you would expand on yours I don't think I'm following your trades very well perhaps if I take the opposite of mine...LOL...but seriously I'm just not getting yours....perhaps you can clarify if you desire too..
Originally posted by ak1

Bingo for 1201. Sometimes though Bruce we follow the same techniques yet we end up trading reverse of each other
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last short for mne at 1200.50 to target 1197.75 first.....watching close as I don't want to get stuck in a trend up
lets go Kool..we gotta pull this thing down.....then the longs can take over if they want
Yeah, Bruce. It is dangerous, cause the old pattern of down thurs to a great low (1186.25) buy opp. into a friday run up (late in the session) for a bullish Monday peak (the 26th) could always be in force! (and dont forget the triangle!)
mini low (one min chart) coming around 2:40?

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Originally posted by redsixspeed

1213.00 on the radar..

SPX hit 1213.42 and we have stalled
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