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ES short term trading 4-26-10

I'm not sure if we want a different thread outside of the Weekend preview for the current day but here it is anyway.

We have daily and weekly R1 levels at the 1224 area which goes well with one of Kools targets and the key number of 1225.

Fridays lows match up well with the weely Pivot and the daily S1 so 1202 -1200 needs to go the radar...another key number.

More current is the O/N low at the 1210 as that was also a low volume area from friday...I'm looking to get that run out today...the 1206 area was the other key breakout point

So far barely a 7 point range in the O/N so will be watching the open in RTH and the midpoint...I'll update later closer to the time spent at 11.75 in the overnight so an obvious first attractor..and it currently sits just below a swing point....I think they will run that out..
YM is trying to keep this up...Nq just tagged it's low Overnight area...for my RTH trades I'm setting up a band of resistance at the 1216.50 - 1218.50 that includes O/N H and R1 today..

so many numbers in a tight range leads me to think that this could be very choppy at the open as it's difficult to get good numbers.

The weekly volume profile has key areas at the 95 - 97 and the 1206. The wekly pivot is hit over 80% of the time so we need to be thinking about that at 1207 that's gonna be cool..

EDIT: for typos on zones
13.25 is O/N midpoint and we tend to trade through it back and forth a few times when we open right near it...just an be careful at the open if we open here...lots of targets below there so short side if preferred
What does "YM" mean?
the Dow 30 futures
8:30est open is a good target that will be tested at open.
Please bear in mind that we have 1201 as a possible target
Originally posted by richd8980

What does "YM" mean?

It's the E-mini Dow ($5) Futures
we need some reason AK1...I asked on Friday and got the run around.....lets not go down that path today...when u have time
Originally posted by ak1

Please bear in mind that we have 1201 as a possible target
As I posted earlier Bruce Dow tested the open on friday SP did not. Arn't you suprised that the weekly PP is also 1201.
flat at 11.75...that was LV from overnight
Originally posted by BruceM

...Hey DT how to edit a topic heading.....multi - tasking today...

Fixed the heading - sorry it took me so long to get to...
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